decontamination With Light. decontamination Done Right!
High Powered

2340 watts of UVC output allows the M20 to decontaminate large areas in less time. More power equals a more efficient reduction of microorganisms at further distances from the UVC source.

Intelligent Dosage

We deliver an automatic, calculated dose of UVC energy to the treatment area, every time. Using a patent-pending technology, our devices measure the efficiency of the emitter output to achieve a lethal level of germ-killing ultraviolet C.

Simple To Operate

Place the device in the room and start treatment with the easy to use 3-button remote control. No timers. No complicated remote pairing. Multiple safety features ensure safe and reliable UVC decontamination treatments every time.

Flexible decontamination systems that fit your infection control program.

Each of our products are safe, high powered, simple and effective. Designed for mobility and integration. Flexible enough for hospital use and any environment where harmful bacteria and viruses exist.

M20 & M15 Mobile
UVC Cleaning Systems

This mobile unit is specifically designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use-eliminating human error. Available with casters or with a handcart for maximum mobility.

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W15 Wall Mount
UVC Cleaning Systems

This wall mounted plug-in UVC decontamination device is able to link multiple units to increase room turnover. Enhanced decontamination is now possible quickly and effectively between every procedure.

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