Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Space

UVC sign at a restaurant window with a Guinness sign nearby and outdoor chairs


UVC Cleaning Systems Inc. is proud to support environmental service companies who service commercial spaces. Countless end users have been keen to employ UVC technologies into their dedicated cleaning programs. It provides many in the communities a piece of mind that restaurants, grocery stores, golf courses, nail salons, and other commercial spaces are taking the extra step to ensure their environments are safe!


UVC Cleaning Systems Inc. is a perfect solution for your any enclosed space with high occupation. We have made great strides in ensuring our partners in the field have the tools and education required to fight COVID-19.  Our mobile UVC products provide hospital grade disinfection with proven results up to 99.999% reduction load. Kill the Covid-19 virus in adding high powered UVC light to your cleaning routine!


Two UVC units in a grocery store