Far UV 222

New Product Announcement January 2024!

UVC Cleaning Systems Inc. proudly introduces our innovative solution to continuous Far UV Disinfection. The Safezone 222 family of products consists of 4 different SKUs, each designed to fit unique customer applications. Our Far UVC products are certified to the latest UL 8802 safety standards and designed to be mounted in occupied spaces. 

All Safezone 222 products are controlled using proprietary software on the Apple App Store. Using our free-to-download application, you can control your device's weekly schedule and gain valuable maintenance statistics such as lamp life and total use. Our flexible solution allows customers to fit the lamps effectively when needed. 

Safezone 222-WM   Application: Surface Mount works on any surface, including above doorways and vertical walls. You can even tilt the device to aim at a targeted area.

Safezone 222-RC   Application: Recessed Cans are great for drywall installations or retrofit applications adding to your existing setup.

Safezone 222-NC   Application: New Construction Can is perfect for installing drop ceilings, troffers, and wood surfaces.

Safezone 222-PT   Application: The hanging pendant can be mounted on a 1-20 ft pole suspended from any ceiling. 

Reasons Far UV is succeeding!

Effective Pathogen Inactivation: Far-UV light at 222nm has demonstrated effectiveness in inactivating a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown success in reducing the viability of airborne microbes without causing harm to exposed human skin and eyes.

Safe for Occupied Spaces: One of the significant successes of Far-UV 222nm technology is its application in occupied spaces. Unlike traditional UVC light, which can be harmful to humans, Far-UV has been shown to be safe for continuous use in areas where people are present. This makes it suitable for applications in hospitals, schools, public transportation, and other crowded environments.

Reduced Antibiotic Resistance: The use of Far-UV light for disinfection has the potential to contribute to reducing antibiotic resistance. By providing an alternative method to combat microbial threats, it may help decrease the reliance on antimicrobial agents, thus lowering the risk of developing resistance.

Integration with Existing Systems: Far-UV 222nm technology can be integrated into existing lighting systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units, and other infrastructure. This adaptability makes it easier for industries to incorporate the technology into their existing setups without significant modifications.

Research Validation: Ongoing research continues to validate the efficacy and safety of Far-UV 222nm technology. As more studies are conducted, the scientific community gains a better understanding of its capabilities and potential applications.

Airborne Pathogen Control: The success of Far-UV in controlling airborne pathogens is particularly noteworthy. This makes it a valuable tool in the fight against infectious diseases, especially in enclosed spaces where airborne transmission is a concern.

Interest in Public Health Measures: The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened interest in technologies that can contribute to public health measures. Far-UV 222nm technology has gained attention as a potential tool for mitigating the spread of respiratory viruses in various settings.

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