Lease Now

Why should UVC decontamination equipment be leased?

Lower out of pocket cost. 

The lease is not a capital equipment purchase, it is a monthly expense. UVC Cleaning Systems is a "true lease" (rental) which does not pass on the ownership rights onto the lease.

All service and maintenance is covered for the length of the lease at no extra cost or service fees. 

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UVC Cleaning Systems uses a replacement process for service. When “service is required” the device alerts the operator. The customer contacts UVC Cleaning Systems and a replacement is shipped out. The customer ships back the first unit and UVC Cleaning Systems pays for all the cost under normal wear and tear or manufactures defects. Damage caused by the customer is the same process but the customer bares the financial burden.

UVC emitters have a finite life cycle where the output of 254 nanometers drops off and is no longer creating an effective wavelength to be a germicidal reactant. UVC Cleaning Systems measures this output during each treatment and when the threshold has dropped below a given level we alert the operator that “Service is Required” . Other devices advertise 12,000 hours or more of effective emitter life, we believe that this statistic is based on emitters used for air and water treatment where the emitters are operating 24/7. The effective life of the emitter is shortened by number of times the emitter is turned on and off. Our systems tracks the number of cycles on every emitter and measures the output of every cycle. Maintenance is needed when the device is not performing at peak output; not when 12,000 hours has passed. UVC Cleaning Systems makes sure your products are always operating at peak performance and are effective tools to eradicate pathogens in your environment.

Stay up to date with technology

The UVC Cleaning Systems lease program allows the customer to move forward as new models are developed. UVC Cleaning Systems will evolve to match your infection control requirements. Our specialty is fitting into your application for size, power, and mobility. The UVC industry will continue to change; stay current using our flexible lease plan.



Flexible lease terms

• Term length from 1 or 2 years.


• All financing takes place in house


• Lead times are determined by placement date and available stock.

Long term lease discounts

• Lease equipment for 12, 24 or 36 months!

Multi unit lease discounts

• When you lease 4, 8, or even more units, special discounts are applied!
Actual discounts are disclosed during leasing process.