UVC Cleaning Systems Attending APIC 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Look Out! 2018 APIC Conference in Minneapolis Minnesota on June 13-15 is going to be a blast! UVC Cleaning Systems is excited to be making a splash and offering our products to the over 2500 clinical attendees. We are looking forward to catching up with our current clients and also meeting many new faces. If you age going to be attending, we would love for you to stop by our booth and let us know how you are looking to apply UVC. We will have a variety of applications from our mobile, wall mounting, and chamber products to showcase!

Shift Workers Beware of Infections Risk!

In todays age, people are working around the clock, literally. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics roughly 7 million Americans work the night shift. With such a large nocturnal population, people should be aware of the additional susceptibility to the risk of infection. A new study published by the University of Cambridge found that the body clock affected the ability of viruses to replicate and speed between cells.

Infectious Disease Mortality Rates Have Flat Lined Since The 1950s - December 9, 2016

When mentioning the topic of infectious diseases and how they have affected the population over the last century, most people would be surprised to learn that the number of deaths caused by infectious disease is similar today to the number it was 60 years ago. According to a report recently published in the journal of the American Medical Association, infectious disease accounted for 5.4 percent of deaths from
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