UVC Cleaning Systems Teaming with Hospital Safety Solutions - January 28, 2016

UVC Cleaning Systems has signed on Hospital Safety Solutions LLC. to sell our products in Eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. Hospital Safety Solutions has a complete line of UVC disinfection products.

Contact Jim Schlosser at 844-899-6757

Website Link: http://www.hospitalsafetysolutions.com/aboutus.asp

Chemical Ineffectiveness - March 31, 2016

Health care workers perform manual cleaning and disinfection using chemicals to routinely clean medical devices and equipment throughout patient rooms. However with the quick turnover rate and many hard to reach areas, numerous spaces may be...

UVC In Flight! - March 24, 2016

UVC infection technology has reached new heights! The Boeing Company, one of the largest global manufacturers of airplanes, is using ultraviolet light to zap microbes in their new self cleaning restrooms. The UV lights clean the lavatories...

UVC Disinfection Market - March 14, 2016

As numbers in health care associated infections (HCAI’s), multi-drug resistant organisms, and environmental concerns continue to increase, UVC disinfection devices have become more prevalent in infection control markets. Hospitals,...
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