Back to School: Outbreaks! August 19, 2016

As students and staff head into back to school season, it’s not just the curriculum that’s on their mind. In the past year, it seems like the number of outbreaks has increased greatly, especially those linked to Norovirus and other dangerous pathogens. One recent example occurred in June 2016 at Laguna Middle School in San Luis, CA when over 80 students and a staff member contracted Norovirus after gathering for an end of the year potluck lunch. As a result the eighth grade dance was postponed and other precautions were taken to prevent further spread of the virus. Laguna Middle School is not alone. Below is a list of other schools and colleges that had outbreaks this past school year. Some of the names may be surprising including Harvard University, Ursinus College, and other primary schools throughout the country.

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Aug 2016

Reno, NV Alice Smith Elementary



April 2016

Cambridge, MA Harvard University



February 2016

Philadelphia, PA Ursinus College



March 2016

Charlotte, NC Union County Elementary

Chicken Pox


May 2016

Tipton, MO Tipton School District



September 2015

Mccamey, TX Mccamey School District



June 1026

San Luis, CA Laguna Middle School



March 2016

Miami, FL South Florida Elementary



January 2016

Tallahassee, FL Leon County Preschool

Whooping Cough

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Norovirus strikes at the RNC in Cleveland OH

The Ohio department of health was notified on Monday 7/18/16 about the outbreak of Norovirus among staffers at the Republican National Convention. All of those affected are staying at the Kalahari resort in Sandusky, Oh, about 60 miles away from...
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