Battling Infection with UV Light - March 28, 2016

Hygiene is extremely important in reducing the spread of bacteria and pathogens in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Currently, all healthcare facilities throughout the United States must follow cleaning guidelines, staffing education, and monitoring of processes set up by the CDC. Infection Control Today discusses studies on monitoring cleaning staff members and the correlation to the effectiveness of cleaning practices. However, even with monitoring and regulations of these processes, cleaning with chemicals can still be subject to human error and may not be enough to battle these microorganisms. High-touch surfaces may not be as efficiently cleaned as initially thought or items are overlooked and may still potentially contain an infection.

 However, UV light disinfection can help aid in the fight against these infections. Our products take out the potential of oversights by safely and effectively destroying microorganisms with the proper dose of UV light without the risk of human error. UVC Cleaning Systems offers a second defense in infection control against bacteria and pathogens. To learn more about our products and their applications click here


Update on 222nm Exposure and ACGIH Eye Exposure Safety

Finally! We get some real world explanation of TLVs (Threshold Limit Values) and effects on eye radiation using 222 nm technology. A recently published article by the Council for Optical Radiation Measurements titled "Expected ACGIH Eye Exposure When Using 222 nm Ceiling Mounted Sources" gives some vital updates all 222nm users and future users should be aware of.

Far UV-C is the answer to our Pandemic fears

Could Far UV-C (222) help the fight against not only Covid-19 and its many variants, but Monkeypox as well? The answer is yes, yes it can. This article from explains Far UV-C and how it inactivates pathogens. Being that Monkeypox...

222 is the Future of Disinfection at UVC

    For decades, UV-C wavelengths of light have been used to disinfect everything from water to walls. In more recent years 254 nm wavelengths of UV-C light have been the standard in the fight against pathogens. However, there is a...
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