UVC Cleaning Systems to Exhibit at APIC 2016 Annual Conference - June 8, 2016

UVC Cleaning Systems Inc is partnering up with Hospital Safety Solutions to attend the APIC 2016 Annual Conference. The conference featuring the latest breakthroughs and best practices in infection prevention will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina this Saturday June 11th through Monday June 13th. APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology) is the largest annual infection prevention conference in the world where innovative products and services will be showcased. We are excited to be included in the promotion of new science, technologies, advances, and products to provide solutions for infection prevention challenges and strengthen infection prevention programs. 

Update on 222nm Exposure and ACGIH Eye Exposure Safety

Finally! We get some real world explanation of TLVs (Threshold Limit Values) and effects on eye radiation using 222 nm technology. A recently published article by the Council for Optical Radiation Measurements titled "Expected ACGIH Eye Exposure When Using 222 nm Ceiling Mounted Sources" gives some vital updates all 222nm users and future users should be aware of.

Far UV-C is the answer to our Pandemic fears

Could Far UV-C (222) help the fight against not only Covid-19 and its many variants, but Monkeypox as well? The answer is yes, yes it can. This article from Biospace.com explains Far UV-C and how it inactivates pathogens. Being that Monkeypox...

222 is the Future of Disinfection at UVC

    For decades, UV-C wavelengths of light have been used to disinfect everything from water to walls. In more recent years 254 nm wavelengths of UV-C light have been the standard in the fight against pathogens. However, there is a...
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