UVC: The Right Tool for Cleaning Professionals - May 24, 2016

Each year healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) affect thousands of lives and cost healthcare systems billions of dollars. Proper cleaning and disinfection in healthcare environments are the key component in preventing the spread of infection and disease. However, in a 2012 environmental services report by UMF Corp states "many hospitals have found housekeeping an easy means of budget cutting, leaving housekeepers to simply dump trash and move on to the next room" and that "environmental services departments are, on average, short by five to nine full-time employees." 

In addition, according to InfectionControl.tips, "the front line-workers charged with this main role remain the lowest paid and least educated worker group in the hospital." Infection control in facilities should be important to every employee, from top executives to front-line workers. By giving healthcare environmental service workers the proper education, tools, and resources on prevention and transmission of disease they will have the best practices to keep patients safe. 

UVC Cleaning Systems provides the proper, and effective tools for environmental service workers to help aid in infection control. We have insured that our devices are extremely easy to use and are an extra layer of infection prevention.  Our products are no-touch and easy to use, which allows for simple operations that minimize confusion and ensures a safe, fast, and effective UVC treatment to protect your patients and healthcare workers. 

Preparing for the Unexpected - May 12, 2016

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Pathogen Outbreaks in Communities - May 10, 2016

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