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UVC Cleaning Systems manufactures equipment for MANY different industries, this is one of the many core factors that help us stand apart from the competition. UVC Cleaning Systems has taken a different approach to create more robust designs that are effective for hospitals as well as other environments. These devices can be used in laboratories, food processing plants, hotels, cruise ships, athletic facilities, out patient surgical centers and many other environments where harmful pathogens exist.

Mobile Units

The M20 and M15 UVC disinfection devices are specifically designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use. The M20 device has been proven to treat Staphylococcus Aureus at 16 ft (5m) in 10 minutes and reduces the bacteria by log 4 (99.9967) in a single treatment (see test report for details).
mobile units UVC cleaning systems

Wall Units

UVC Cleaning Systems wall units are shipped fully assembled and ready for installation. A single W15 model is proven to treat a room 16 ft (5m) by 13 ft (4m) in 15 minutes and reduce the colonization of Staphylococcus Aureus to a log 4 in a single treatment (see test report for details).
wall units UVC cleaning systems

Consider Purchase or Leasing UV Disinfection Systems and Technology From UVC Cleaning Systems In Ohio

All UVC Cleaning Systems equipment is marked with clear, easy-to-read warning labels, and comes with a quick start guide and a comprehensive user manual (in English and regional languages) to ensure safe operations. Research has proven that higher UVC energy levels reduce the population of microorganisms more than lower UVC energy in the same period of time.

Easy To Operate - Intelligent Dosage Provided - High Powered Systems

UVC Cleaning Systems is on a mission to make the process of UV light disinfection easy and affordable for everyday commercial or institutional use. The delivery and setup process is super easy with our lightweight and portable units. Our products are made in the USA and shipped globally. UVC Cleaning Systems is committed reducing infections and illness caused by bacteria and viruses affecting millions of people on a global scale.