Super Bacteria Catch a Ride on Air Currents - April 25, 2016

It is previously known that super bacteria, otherwise known as superbugs, can be spread through direct contact in healthcare settings. Even with infection control implementations in hospitals, patients and staff still contribute to the transmission of super bacteria by touching surfaces contaminated with the bacteria and then passing infection to other surfaces. This is causing a great deal of stress for hospital staff and infection control management.

However in a study presented by the University of Leeds, research shows that "coughing, sneezing or simply shaking the bed linens can send superbugs into flight, allowing them to contaminate recently cleaned surfaces". In the article "Superbugs Ride Air Currents Around Hospital Units", Infection Control Today discusses the study and the results that confirm airborne contamination by super bacteria.  

Breaking the chain in the transmission of infectious pathogens in any environment is an important step in a facilities' infection control. UVC Cleaning Systems can help during that process to protect your patients and staff. 

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