The Looming Threat of Super Bacteria - April 4, 2016

'Super Bacteria' has become the coined term for bacteria that have developed new defenses against antibiotics. The main cause of this is primarily an increased and overuse of antibiotics for a variety of bacterial infections. Antibiotic resistance occurs when an antibiotic has lost its effectiveness to kill bacteria or cease bacterial growth. Today, the natural phenomenon of antibiotic resistance is increasing at an alarming rate throughout healthcare and food production facilities. This is undermining the public health program that was designed to contain infection and disease. 

Recently BBC News released an article discussing Hospital Cleaning Chemical Fears, which points out the concern that chemicals could also be another cause of boosting antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Research conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Detroit concludes bacteria that had not been killed through the use of chemicals start to mutate to new strains. This allows for these microorganisms to remove the disinfectant molecules of chemical cleaners as well as antibiotics. 

With the looming threat of these super bacteria and their resistance to chemicals and antibiotics, the alternative to help combat the resistance of bacteria is at an all time high. Chemical disinfectants and antibiotics are no longer completely effective tools in the battle against bacteria. That is where UVC Cleaning Systems products can step in to help aid in this fight against bacteria. Our products use effective technology that performs at a 99.99% kill rate of bacteria and viruses. UVC disinfection systems are a powerful second measure against these dangerous super bacteria and pathogens.

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