Far UV Cleans the Air!

Far UV is a reliable and effective method to enhance indoor air quality. The' LEEDS' study, a trusted reference document, is a testament to the real-world benefits of Far UV.

Far UV has been proven to achieve upwards of 98% continuous reduction of aerosols in a large room, as demonstrated by the LEEDS study. The real science of UVC Cleaning Systems Inc. comes in by providing precise verification of your specific reduction goals for both surfaces and air, ensuring your expectations are met.

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Preparing for the Unexpected - May 12, 2016

Infectious disease disasters have plagued mankind throughout the course of human history. Millions have suffered and died from pandemics such as influenza, Ebloa, rotaviruses, coronaviruses such as SARS, and many more. Yet, according to...

Pathogen Outbreaks in Communities - May 10, 2016

Each year there are numerous pathogen outbreaks in a variety of communities. The first steps in infection control strategies are reduction and elimination of the pathogen. UVC Cleaning Systems technology can be extremely effective in aiding...
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